2965 Hayes Road West
Boonville, New York

Course Description

Hole #1 - Par 5
Yardage: Blue - 542, White - 520, Red - 481

There is no sense in starting out easy and No. 1 at Woodgate Pines will certainly test your focus and confidence. This hole presents a difficult tee shot with fairway bunkering left and right in the landing zone, out of bounds along the entire left side of the hole, and water to carry immediately off the white tees. A safe tee shot is a good tee shot as for most players this is a three shot hole. Additional fairway bunkering at approximately 125 yards and 30 yards pose less of a threat. A small relatively flat green awaits the arrival of your ball. The longest par 5 for women on the course means staying clear of fairway bunkers at 125 yards, and out of bounds. Keep the penalty strokes down on an already difficult and long par 5.

Hole #2 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 140, White - 123, Red - 114

Don’t let the yardage fool you, though this hole is not extremely long, the green surround is heavily bunkered and the green surface substantially tiered. Make sure you hit enough club to carry the front bunker. Out of bounds aligns the entire left side of the hole.

Hole #3 - Par 5
Yardage: Blue - 558, White - 542, Red - 434

The longest par 5 for men on the course is hole number 3 and it is a dogleg left. For most it is a three shot hole. For men, a straight tee shot to the corner can put long hitters through the fairway so working the ball right to left is beneficial for most, and a must for big hitters trying to reach the green in two. This hole poses very little danger (no bunkering, water or out of bounds) other than length and a difficult approach shot to a narrow green. What you see is what you get for women. Though not as long as the first hole, number 3 is still a formidable par 5.

Hole #4 - Par 5
Yardage: Blue - 498, White - 488, Red - 403

Finally, you think, a breather after three difficult starting holes. You may be right as far as length is concerned, and definitely a par 5 that is reachable in two for many men, but this hole can produce a big number in a hurry. The tee ball is extremely important and staying away from the right side is a must. This hole is a dogleg right and trees make the right side JAIL. Left is the safe miss. The green is surrounded with four bunkers and a mature white pine stands guard short and right. Those going for the green in two will need a precise shot and expose themselves potentially to more danger than someone hitting a shorter third shot into this green.

Hole #5 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 280, White - 265, Red - 239

Hole # 5 is a great short par 4 with out of bounds left and behind the green and water to the right and short right of the green. This is the quintessential risk reward hole for men. If laying up, the hole is still no slouch as two green side bunkers protect the front of a green that slopes away from the fairway. Number 5 is not an easy green to putt, with undulations galore. For most women, this is a two shot hole, but big hitters can reach it.

Hole #6 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 196, White - 183, Red - 170

The longest par 3 on the course for women, this is a difficult hole strictly due to length. There is a lot of room right but a pulled shot for right handers (pushed for lefties) has the potential to find water as there is a lateral water hazard left of the green. Par is a good score!

Hole #7 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 425, White - 377, Red - 252

Number 7 is the longest par 4 on the course for men. A fairway bunker at approximately 150 yards from the green gobbles up tee balls hit left or just not long enough to carry it. The bunker does not come into play for women. Most men play right of the fairway bunker leaving the ball in the center of the fairway somewhere between 120 and 170 yards. The green is very small for a par 4 of this length and can be difficult to hold if hitting a lower lofted iron or wood into it. There are no greenside bunkers, but towering white pines protect against approach shots hit from too far right or left reaching the green. Long hitting women can drive this green.

Hole #8 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 383, White - 347, Red - 311

For exceptionally long hitters, No. 8 can be reached from the tee. With very little trouble, it is a relatively straight forward hole. There is a fairway bunker at about 120 yards from the green (can be carried easily by long hitters) and two greenside bunkers guard short left and right of the green. This green can be difficult to hold and many drop short and roll balls on to front hole locations. For most women, this is a two shot hole.

Hole #9 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 207, White - 162, Red - 137

From the blue tees, No. 9 is the longest par 3 on the course with the ability to play as long as 220 yards. A very fun yet difficult par three, a water hazard short and right fills with balls each season and three greenside bunkers protect a three tiered putting surface. We forgot to mention…..out of bounds long! The green has ample room for balls and will certainly hold. Elevated white and red tee boxes make this hole a visual beauty. What may be the biggest challenge on this hole, everyone in the clubhouse is watching!

Hole #10 - Par 5
Yardage: Blue - 519, White - 484, Red - 411

No. 10 sets the tone for a unique and exhilarating nine holes of golf. The narrow routing is a theme on the back nine with mature forest everywhere. The tee shot on No. 10 must carry water. A dogleg left prevents free swinging as balls hit through the dogleg are in trouble. This hole is reachable in two but will require very accurate shots. The green is guarded by greenside bunkers right and left with a lateral water hazard left and long as well. Greens are larger on the back and this one is big, with as much as two to three clubs difference from front to back. Another theme evident on the back nine... KEEP IT IN PLAY!

Hole #11 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 350, White - 305, Red - 245

As with the entire back nine, don’t let the yardage fool you. This is one of the most intimidating tee shots on the golf course as you need length to reach the fairway. There is a lateral hazard defining the entire left side of the hole and dense towering trees lining the entire right side. Straight is a must from the tee. The green is protected by one greenside bunker front and center. This green will hold, so go for it! Don’t go long.

Hole #12 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 133, White - 123, Red - 86

The green on this hole is its’ only defense. Severely sloping from back to front there is never a straight putt. An errant shot left, right or long, is trouble. Try to stay below the hole and hope for a two putt!

Hole #13 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 399, White - 358, Red - 219

The really big hitters both men and women can reach this green from the tee but there seems to be more risk than reward. From the white and blue tees you cannot see the green as this hole is a dogleg right. This hole contains one bunker right at about 80 yards from the green, another staggered and left about 30 yards short of the green, and a greenside bunker protecting the front right, yielding little room to safely pass from the tee. This hole has one distinguishing characteristic besides the beautiful bunkering, the 30 foot deep punch bowl right of the green. Keep your balls and carts on top or you may not get out!

Hole #14 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 279, White - 253, Red - 239

One of the most beautiful holes on the course, No. 14 is risk reward at its best. This hole presents a false sense of openness and ease. The most obvious hazards are the two bunkers eyeballing you from the tee as if to say go for it, you can carry us. They are right but unfortunately they are the least of your concerns. Trees, trees, and more trees are what tend to elevate scores on this hole. Anywhere off the mowed surface can be imprisonment at WPJ (Woodgate Pines Jail). A layup is the smart shot and for some, the only shot, but there is a chance for eagle on this short par 4. If you look close while the leaves are off, you can see the Tug Hill Plateau and Snow Ridge Ski Center to the north.

Hole #15 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 141, White - 132, Red - 114

With a scenic view, No. 15 is the highest tee on the golf course and is the first of back-to-back par threes. The green complex rests some fifty feet below the tee with a pond behind it and out of bounds to the right. This is another tricky green, with very few straight putts so beware.

Hole #16 - Par 3
Yardage: Blue - 178, White - 147, Red - 131

The longest par three on the back nine, No. 16 is a beautiful hole. The key as with any par three is finding the putting surface from the tee. The green only gets difficult to putt if the hole location is back left. A greenside bunker left and water hazard just off the tee can cause trouble, but long is the worst place to be.

Hole #17 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 299, White - 264, Red - 239

This is a hole with a lot of trouble and no easy solution from the tee. There is a water hazard in front of the tee extending along the entire left side of the fairway across in front of the green and continuing to the right alongside the green. The landing area kicks most tee shots left causing balls to roll into the hazard so be cautious with lay-ups. Long hitters can reach the green but it is all carry. The green is slightly elevated from the fairway which makes approach shots play longer, so make sure you play enough club. The green will hold shots, as it slopes toward the fairway, but has very few straight putts. With proper positioning, No. 17 is a definite birdie opportunity.

Hole #18 - Par 4
Yardage: Blue - 372, White - 359, Red - 325

The number one handicap hole for men, No. 18 affectionately known as “The Round Killer”, is arguably the most difficult driving hole on the course due to the fact that it requires distance and accuracy. No. 18 is a dogleg right. The fairway contains a bunker left at the corner of the dogleg and a huge boulder and maple tree combination guarding right center. Tee balls not making the corner will be forced to either curve a second shot, punch out, shoot a gap or hit a 150 yard bunker shot to the green over water! This hole has “killed” many rounds so be cautious and play smart. Par is a very good score.